Welcome to the Westhaven Town Center

Shopability….at Westhaven, it’s the convenience of being able to take care of every day errands without ever leaving the neighborhood.  Perhaps you need to get your glasses repaired, your annual check-up or your teeth cleaned,  you can do that, too.  The Westhaven Town Center medical professionals are as close as everything else in Westhaven. Shop at Westhaven Town Center, and you find much more than convenience.  Many of the businesses are family-owned and embody the lifestyle of Westhaven and our residents...a warm smile and friendly wave greeting you as you enter.  Not only do they know you as a customer, they know you as a neighbor and a friend.

Mark your calendar for Porchfest 2016, Saturday, June 18 from 4:00 to 10:00 PM in the Westhaven Town Center and Community.

Take a closer look at Westhaven….you’ll see the difference is Shopability.